Learn How To Be A Successful Artist


There are many individuals who have the talent to be able to draw a portrayal of someone or to paint a pretty picture of the landscape. Having this talent is not constantly enough to make a career from it. You must have the drive and the smarts required for business. Fortunately these are things that you will have the ability to learn through experience and some good advice.The best way to create a name for yourself is to have your own artwork that is unique to you. Everybody has talent – but frequently we should enhance that raw gift and extend upon it. Search for universities in your region and go for an undergrad program in art. You should be taking studio classes and address any technical info that will aid you to understand new techniques.Accumulate slides of your best artwork. Try to bring along a assortment of paintings, drawings, and photographs if you have them. Many undergraduate programs will want you to bring a portfolio with the application to the school. When you are in school try to make yourself known and look at other more ordinary artworks. Visit art openings and look at what people love the most. Look at the colors, patterns, and landscapes. Apply this to what you do – but make it original to you. Along with art classes you should also apply for business classes. This will assist you to understand how to manage a business of your own or someone else’s gallery. It also assists to put this on your resume when you are looking for a job in an art gallery or other similar places. Make sure that you supply any job with your art portfolio.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Becoming An Artist is not always as easy or glamorous as it sounds. You need the right schooling, business skills, and a list of your best work in an Art Portfolio to show at a moments notice.

Artist Biography – How To Write A Simple Artist Biography

Before an artist biography
is starting to be written, it should include goals, taken an inventory of your
background, what are your objectives as a musician and your accomplishments as
well. An artist biography is actually more than the facts that are impersonal
such as career, death, education, work and relationships. Apart from all these
facts it also plays its role in portraying or displaying the subject’s
experience of the events as well.

If a biography is well
written and done then it is considered to be extremely essential. In other
words you can say it’s a way in which you reveal to the world about you like
who you actually are, where you belong from and what is currently happening in
your life. It is a fact that only few have a standardized and quality artist

In reality a bio is a
sort of introduction of yourself to different types of people so it’s important
for you to note that for what type of people you are actually writing for. If
you really wish your fans to pay some attention to you as well as to your music
then it’s necessary that you take some important steps in order to prove your
worth to the world.

It is true that your biography
would be the very first thing they would be reading about you so make sure your
writing is concise enough, flawless to read and moreover should be written in a
descriptive way related to you and about your music for sure. They will surely
evaluate your material after reading and going through it. So if your biography
is poorly written, sloppy and is unable to convey anything in the right manner,
then one thing is clear enough that you have failed to make the first
impression a good one.

Here is a typical
format which you have to follow in order to write your biography and that is
first you need to give an introductory paragraph. Then some background
information. Then you need to provide some information about the new album,
release or tour. At the end comes the conclusion which you are required to
give. Your background information can be up to 1 to 3 paragraphs. These
paragraphs should include some quality information such as stuff related to the
artist started his or her career, influences, some info about previous releases
and then comes the discussion about overall accomplishments.

Try to make your bio up
to standard and quality demanded by the readers. It is advised to you to make
your biography as much informative as you can. It should be filled with some
useful comments, upbeat, some descriptionsFree Web Content, quotes and much more. The language
should be motivational so it is successful in motivating people to listen to
your music. The more motivating and inspiring your bio would be the more fans
you would be able to attract.

From Musicians to Music Festival Organizers

The annual Gathering of the
Juggalos festival brings more than music to all Juggalo attendees. This article
points out the alternate activities available like Helicopter Rides, Bonfires,
artist seminars, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Wet tee shirt and Ms.
Juggalette contests. 

In today’s musical economy, you’re lucky to be a band that’s invited to join a music festival lineup. Festivals are blowing up in terms of popularity, so much so that nearly every major music festival in 2011 saw record attendance. To be on one of those bills could do a lot for your career, but to create an entire festival? That’s just crazy talk. Or is it? One band has been doing just that for 12 years

Horror Rap duo Insane Clown Posse has unarguably the largest cult following of any similar sounding act in the entire country. The reasons for that are many, but it’s safe to say the fact that they have their own annual festival where fans (Juggalos) can meet up every year goes a long way in solidifying those fans’ loyalty. Of course, I’m talking about the Gathering of the Juggalos!

Producing a Music Festival 

There’s nothing easy about producing a music festival, especially one as involved as Gathering of the Juggalos. Location, artists, security, vendors, permits, scheduling, promotion, insurance, and stage setup are just some things that have to be taken into consideration by curators like Insane Clown Posse in planning. And if you don’t sell as many tickets as you need to in order to make a profit, it can be a very expensive loss.

Insane Clown Posse hosted their first Gathering of the Juggalos music festival in 2000 after several years of talk and planning surrounding the event. It’s hugely successful today, but even a band as large as Insane Clown Posse had to fight and endure trial and error over the years to bring Gathering of the Juggalos to its current level of success.

Music vs. Events

Of course, the artists playing the festival will be the most important selling point to potential festival-goers. This year’s Gathering of the Juggalos festival was loaded with talented horror rap actsFree Reprint Articles, and enough Juggalos to satisfy your social desires until Insane Clown Posse’s next Gathering of the Juggalos festival rolls around. But what makes the Gathering more original than any other music festival around the country isn’t the music; it’s the on-site activities.

Debut as a Professional Artist


I had long dreamed about becoming a professional artist, but until last year, I did not feel like I was ready to advertise my work outside of friends and family. After five years of art education and with enough good paintings to offer, I decided to take the plunge and become a professional artist. I knew that the first thing that I had to do before I began to show my artwork was to put up an attractive Internet Website that would act as a hub for my business advertising. From the first time that I got a peek at the Internet, I could see that this was going to be the biggest, most important tool for advertising and promoting a business ever. Because it has the potential of reaching millions of people worldwide, I knew that my site had to look sharp, innovative, professional, and easy to navigate. I wanted people to see my work quickly and easily, and not spend time wading through a lot of text and endless layers. So, with my knowledge of Dreamweaver and Fireworks software from working on other sites, I came up with a design plan, experimented with colors and fonts, and worked and reworked graphics and photos to best display and market my artwork. While I was working on the design for the Website, I turned to my professional geek friends for ideas on registering domain names, hosting a Website, and uploading files. I got an earful of technical jargon (luckily, I have a geek decoder) from my friends. I listened up to the point, after about ten minutes, when my eyes started to glaze over, my brain began to back up, and my geek decoder seized up. Luckily, I found out what I needed to know before it was too late. Registering the domain name, pattymegliostudio.com, was easy. I quickly decided to use GoDaddy for this as it was straightforward, reasonable, and fast. But for the hosting service, I did a little bit more research and put a little bit more thought into what I needed before I made my decision. I wanted something inexpensive and robust, with an email address and plenty of space and options for expansion, but I didn’t need a lot of extras. I also wanted a service that was easy to work with and a company that had a good reputation for customer service. My geek friend Bob recommended M6.net. I was not disappointed. I found that M6.net is all that and more. In less than a week, my site, pattymegliostudio.com, was up and running (and I didn’t need a geek decoder). I use FileZilla, a free downloadable software, for uploading files. I can view my site immediately with any changes that I make. I have been up and successfully running since December 2005. In the six months that I’ve been using M6.net, I have had only one small issue, which was quickly addressed. My Website has already paid off. An owner of a Bed and Breakfast in New Hampshire contacted me about putting up an exhibit after seeing my work on my Website. I am starting to advertise using newspapers, postcards, and word of mouth, always referring people back to pattymegliostudio.com as a source of information and communication. I get a lot of unsolicited positive feedback about my site, and I firmly believe that it is the most important, and most productive, tool for advertising my business.

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Patty Meglio is a professional writer and artist. She paints fine oil paintings on canvas. Subjects include antique elements, seascapes, landscapes, figures and portraits. Patty uses her Website as a focal point for promoting herself and her artwork. Web site hosted by www.m6.net

Music Artist Promotions For Indie Bands Over The Internet!

If you are a
“Music Artist” desiring to have “Major Exposure” for your Band and
Songs, but you only have little Promotions and Marketing funds as a
budget to promote yourself and your music, Internet (the super highway) Promotion is the way to go.

There was a time India Bands had to have Major Money from Major
Sources to get Major Exposure for your music… not anymore! Independent
Artists can now promote and market your own music through many Internet
Outlets such as; Radio, Social Sites, Blogs,
Communities, Web Directories, Digital Distribution and more. But if you
as a band don’t have the time to promote yourself, or perhaps you just
don’t know how to, then consult with a reputable company that can help
you achieve your “Major Marketing Goals” at affordable India prices.

It’s a big help in promoting “Music Online” when you can find Internet & College Radio Stations that will play your songs
on the Radio. For the “Independent Musicians and Singers”, Internet
Radio is definitely a savior!  Your “Original Songs” can now be heard
throughout the Whole Wide World.  But remember, radio is only one
portion of many other outlets for the Music Artists to use, especially
if their plans are to have a successful Promotions Campaign that gets
Major results.

Placing yourself and your music on every site possible may sound
like a tab bit too much, and for many it is. But if you really want to
see Major results with only having low budget money, then you need to
write articles, upload your music to social sites, to communities,
submit to web directories, blogs…find digital distribution that will
place your music in Major Online Retail Stores etc… There is no
excuse! The Internet has made Major Resources a lot more accessible for
Music Indie Artists to grasp, and the playing field has become more of
a common ground for both the Indie and the Major labels alike.  The
internet is the stepping stone used now to reach Millions of possible
fans, friends and music industry contacts!

For example, Independent Record Label “Bell Time Records” released
Rnb Artist “Tamalaneh”, and took her new Cd “I Know You’re Gonna Like
This” and promoted it on just about every music related website, blog,
social site, community site web directory on the internet. Anybody can
do it if you’re willing to do the time consuming work it takes to get
the job done. Here are a couple of free music outlets you can submit
your articles and songs to for starters:  Current.com has now The Indie
Music ShowScience Articles, another outlet!! Thank you current. L.L Cool J. has
BoomDizzle etc… these music sites are free!

Artist Biography – The Importance Of A Good Artist Biography

unfortunately on the other hand it has led all the bands to lose their
popularity and professionalism. Artist biography is playing an important role
in saving the bands although many still think that no one reads them. But this
is a fact that an artist biography plays the part of a business card to your
community of music. This is because it helps you in gathering more and more
fans, booking agents, press, managers and record labels in order to know who
you actually are and are you about to do in future.

There are some
important key points which are required to be included in an artist biography.
The first key point is the contact information. It is always advised to have
your contact info on all of the products and items associated with your band in
one way or the other. So make sure that you have your contact info on each
piece related to media from CDs to the biographies. So this way even if
unfortunately the element gets lost but your contact info will still reside,
stopping from making it a trash.

The 2nd key point opts
out to be the Influences. It is the statement of almost all the bands or else
they love to say this that they are taking a start with musical resolution. But
the fact that matters is that there are not any of the bands which are
considered to be 100% unique. We all are able to gather the influences from
anywhere and it doesn’t matter to us that how random they are. It is the case
if you are scared enough to be trapped within a genre through using the words
such as myriad, infused, collage, or hybrid. But you are able to make it unique
even then if you are successful in merging different artists, genresFree Reprint Articles, political
ideals and some non-linear thoughts in order to give the right description of
your sound. Plus it gives a good idea to any of the average person that what
they should expect of you if they get a chance to see you live.

The other key point is
the band members. It is advised to describe in brief that that is in the band
and what those persons play in the band. When you are able to make a name for
yourself then you have the space to write 2 paragraphs related to who came from
which band. Moreover if there are more members or ex-members then you have the
opportunity to give them some instant music credit and make it sure that you
use their name more often.

Moreover the other key
point is humor or individuality. Then you are required to personalize your
biography related to the personality that fix in with the members of the band.
Make sure your music and biography is a unique one. 

Great Tips on Becoming an Accomplished Artist

Desire – First and foremost, you need to have the desire to learn and grow. Without the desire to learn and grow, your interest will fade over time. You will definitely make mistakes and progress may not happen as quickly as you originally anticipated. If you lack the desire to continue and learn from those mistakes, you will not see much in the way of progress. I can attest to this. When I first began oil painting I recall how terrible my first paintings were. I had no experience mixing or matching colors. I did not understand that mixing colors is a science all in itself. I would either mix too many colors, or mix the wrong colors, and my mixtures came out terrible. I did become quite frustrated, and eventually discouraged, until I finally stopped for a while. It wasn’t until I took a trip to The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, that I realized just how badly I wanted to paint. I became inspired and my desire to paint was ignited once again. So make certain that you always stay inspired to create. Surround yourself with creativity. Talk to other artists. Look at other artwork, etc.

Learn & practice – Once you have found the desire to embark on your artistic journey, you will obviously need to learn and practice. You will need the right resources and teachers to guide you in the right direction. Everyone is different and your way of learning anything new can differ from another persons learning methods.

Some people learn better by watching others. If this is the case, purchase some quality videos or DVD’s. Watch them once or twice first before you participate. This will make the experience much more enjoyable and easier to follow once you are ready to join in. There are a number of well made and resourceful videos and DVD’s on the market today.

Perhaps you prefer to learn in a group or classroom setting with an instructor. Do a search for beginner workshops in your area and join a few. The benefit of the classroom setting is the instant feedback you receive on your work. You also have other students and an instructor there to answer any questions that you may have. There are workshops available on virtually everything from painting to crafts, so you should be able to find something in your area or online.

Maybe you prefer to read books and learn on your own, at your own pace. This is the way I started learning. I have a nice little library now of great books that I am constantly re-visiting. There is definitely no shortage of reading material out there. I usually go online first and do research at the popular online booksellers. Many of the books are rated by other customers. This will give you a good idea of what’s popular and worth buying. You can either get the book online, or go to your local book store with a few titles that you researched, and skim through the books before you buy.

If you are lucky enough to have a local public television station in your area, you should definitely check into it. Here in New York, there is a great public television station dedicated to the arts. It airs many educational arts and crafts shows, and I watch it every day.

Find a method of learning that you are comfortable with or try them all! At the end of this article you will see a great resource with free art and craft lessons and other great resources for beginners. Make sure you check it out when you are finished reading this article.

Buying your supplies – Before you go out to your local store or shop online for your supplies, make sure you do a little research first. Visit online forums and chat rooms to find out what materials & supplies other artists in your particular area of interest are using.

You will be surprised by the number of responses you receive. Many experienced artists are more than happy to give advice and answer questions. Make sure you make it known that you are a beginner and that you are looking for descent quality supplies for beginners.

Once you learn more about the types of supplies you will need, don’t settle for one brand or manufacturer. My advice would be to purchase supplies from a number of different manufacturers. Everyone is different and you will find that over time you will develop a preference toward specific products. Do not purchase the most expensive or highest quality supplies at first. In the beginning you are learning and experimenting. It is best to do this with cheaper supplies. You can then upgrade to a more expensive or higher quality products later on.

Share your work with others – Once you create your first work of art go out and share it with family, friends and other artists. There are a number of discussion forums online where you can submit your artwork for others to view and comment on. Don’t be afraid of the criticism and by all means, never let anything anyone says about your work discourage you. Everyone has been where you are now at one point in his or her artistic journey. The majority of people you show your work to will be patient and helpful. This is a great way to learn and grow as an artist, so get out there and show yourself.

I do hope these tips have helped and have given you some confidence and direction. Remember to never get discouraged. If you really want to become an accomplished artistFeature Articles, just keep at it. You will create your first work of art in no time.

Want to Join Musical Festivals?

Getting into a live festival gig, to be among big name headliners is every aspiring musician’s dream. Performing in front of a large crowd would be the ultimate joy.
Unfortunately, 20% to 75% of those who apply get rejected.

How do you get booked? Here are ways to assess your chances:

First, do you know what the festival is all about? Not knowing enough about it, can get you on the spot. Second, is your brand of music or performance relevant to the festival? Is it of the same genre or style of the program?

Festival organizers usually book their headliners first. Then the remaining slots are up for grabs to talent, who may be fairly established or even to unknown artists. These slots are very competitive. Usually, no less than 1,000 artists and bands will be trying their luck at getting a slot in the program.

So how do you stand out?
Do you have great songs? Does your band play well?

Even if you say YES to both questions, it’s not enough to get booked in Musical Festivals. Your performance needs to rise above everyone else. It must be unforgettable. It must engage the audience in a powerful way. Remember, a big crowd will be watching.

Think about this: if you’ve had only a few gigs and haven’t released a professional recording, chances are you’re not ready to be part of a music festival. You may want not to waste your time in submitting an application. This will spare you embarrassing yourself or your band; and from having to deal with another rejection.

Keep them short and sweet but effective. What’s your band’s story? How is it relevant to the festival? The bio and samples are powerful tools to get the festival organizer’s attention. Invest in making them. They should be great representation of you talents. Spend some cash to get the best material. It’s an investment worth making for a chance to be part of a music festival.

In this day and ageComputer Technology Articles, presence in social media is a potent tool in building your career in music. Online presence will exhibit your success in connecting with people and it will show how big your fan base is.

It takes tireless practice to perfect your song or performance. It takes artist management skills to get booked in a musical festival and to be ready to be part of the show.